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Style Guide

Finding outfits and styling your session can be the most stressful part of a portrait session. It doesn't have to be! Stick to the basics below, and you'll be set. Of course, rules are sometimes meant to be broken, so if you want to push the limits, I say go for it. I'm happy to chat with you about your vision, and together we can come up with something you're happy with and that provides an amazing end result.

Let's start with some No-No's. If you can avoid the following, everyone will be happier!

•Avoid clothing with text or large logos/brands and casual t-shirts

•Stay away from pure whites

•Please no sneakers! Stick with nicer footwear, such as dress shoes, sandals, boots WHENEVER possible. Oftentimes, bare feet look great in photographs too.

•Do not over accessorize! Remember who the subjects are, unless you're shooting for commercial reasons. :) 

INDIVIDUALS - Nobody else can be you better than YOU. This is your time to shine and to showcase that personality! Solid colors paired with large prints/patterns create interest and look great in photographs. Accessories can also provide an extra pop of color and pizazz, but if you love to accessorize, stick with simpler patterns or with solids as a base. If you want a dreamy look, choose softer colors and prints. If you want bold, choose bright colors and fun patterns. Be creative, but stay within reach of your comfort zone. There's something to be said for timeless, classic looks for photographs too. Decide what you want out of your session, and go for it!

SIBLINGS/COUPLES - First off, let's forget about the term, matchy-matchy. It's great to coordinate, but you want to choose pieces that compliment each other, not copy each other. Choose a style and color scheme that you're both comfortable with, but don't wear the exact same colors and/or patterns. Also, accessories can get tricky when adding extra subjects, so make sure you compliment each other - you definitely don't want to compete with each other!

Accessory ideas for girls: Hats, Hairpieces, Necklaces, Bracelets, Belts, Scarves, Cardis/Layering Pieces, etc.

Accessory ideas for boys: Hats/beanies, Watches, Suspenders, Belts, Scarves, etc.

FAMILIES/GROUPS - The same rules apply. You definitely want to choose a color scheme, but keep it simple. Too many variations can get too busy. Also, keep bold patterns and accessories to a minimum. Jeans are a great staple, then individuals can mix things up with their tops/blouses and light accessories.